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Our goal is to make each of our residents and patients feel complete and whole. This can be challenging if you’ve just been released from surgery, have suffered a stroke, or have a chronic condition that inhibits your ability to live fully. That’s where our rehabilitation services come in. Our team of compassionate and motivated professionals provide the therapy, encouragement and support our residents need to achieve their maximum potential.

Our physical therapists work with individuals to start the journey to recovery. The ultimate goal is to return people to optimum physical functioning so they can return to their home or senior living community and continue leading their lives.

Occupational therapist help those individuals who have reduced fi1nctiom’ng in the activities of daily living, such dressing, bathing, grooming, etc. The goal is to enable the patient to. regain the skills necessary to live safely in their own home.

For people with speech, communication, cognition and swallowing issues.